Energy Saving Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Thermostat - C&C Heating & Air Conditioning

Using your programmable thermostat properly can maximize the energy efficiency of your home.  On average, a household will spend $1,900 per year in energy cost and half of that is designated to the heating and cooling of your home.  You can save close to $200 per year by properly setting your programmable thermostat, not to mention keeping you and your family comfortable, saving energy and preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

First thing’s first, talk to one of C&C’s experienced sales representatives or service techs to help guide you to which thermostat is right for you and will fit your needs.  There are a lot of choices out there, we will make sure you have the right one. We will also make sure the thermostat is placed properly in your home; away from heat or drafts and mounted on an interior wall.  Next, depending on the thermostat right for you, it can be programmed for waking up, during the day, evening and sleeping.  Our service techs can help with this and give good guiding tips such as: dropping the temperature 8 degrees in the winter when you are away or sleeping as well as raising the temperature 7 degrees in the summer when you’re away and 4 degrees when you’re sleeping.

Crucial mistakes that cause hardship on your Heating & Cooling system and cause havoc to your energy bills is drastically turning the temperature way up or way down.  Also, never completely shut off your Air Conditioning Unit.  Make sure you change your battery once a year.  Now you can set the system and see yourself save energy and money.

Now that sounds pretty comforting.

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*Information from the EPA & Energy Star