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Home Energy Assessment

When you go to the doctor, the nurse measures your blood pressure, temperature and collects other vital information. A good doctor will then take time to interview you in order to make a proper diagnosis. Once the doctor has diagnosed the problem, she can prescribe the right treatment to help solve it.

Diagnosing the energy health of your house follows a similar approach.

It all starts with an energy assessment. A certified building energy analyst will visit your home and conduct a blower door test and use other tools like an infrared camera or an air leak detector (smoke pencil) to locate the gaps, cracks and leaks in your home. He will check your appliances and HVAC equipment for energy efficiency and evaluate the level of insulation in your walls and attic. He will also take the time to interview you to see what comfort and cost concerns you have. Next, he puts together a detailed report that shows you the problem areas in your home and prescribes specific steps you can take to solve those problems.

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